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Wooden Planters and Bespoke Wooden Lamps in Portsmouth | The Tools of a Woodturner’s Trade

At Old English Woods, we create a wide variety of handmade joinery for our clients in Portsmouth. From handmade wooden tables and bespoke wooden lamps to wooden planters and one-off designs, we cater to all occasions and requirements. And we couldn’t do our jobs without the proper equipment. 

When creating bespoke joinery, it’s an honour to work with tools handed down through generations, as each item contains the blood, sweat and tears of a master craftsman. My father has been a respected joiner for over thirty-five years, and to pick up the trade and follow in his footsteps makes me proud. I have, along with my colleagues, the recommended qualifications for our trade, such as NVQs, City & Guilds and B-TEC Diplomas in both woodworking and electrical engineering. But there’s nothing better than including the hints and tips from previous generations of woodturners and craftsmen to truly learn a trade.

We invite you to read our testimonials to see what our customers say about the level of care and skill put into our work.

The Tools of our Trade

We use a variety of tools to form our unique creations. We’re lucky to have a selection of inherited hand planes which carve the timbers we use, giving them a smooth and ornate edge. Of course some items are more modern and make our jobs an awful lot easier, like power tools and table saws. When creating our handmade wooden tables, wooden planters and larger handmade joinery items, the time spent on each piece is dramatically reduced thanks to modern technology.

Below is a list of some of the tools we use at Old English Woods when fashioning bespoke joinery products for our Portsmouth clients:


With carbide tips that remain sharp without the need for grinding, our range of chisels are used for roughing out the timber before we focus on the detailed work. Using a mallet to guide the blade, these tools glide through the various timbers we use with ease.

Carving and Bench Knives

In a variety of shapes and sizes, we use these knives to cut, pare and whittle. They can also be used to sketch outlines directly onto timber. Each blade has a unique feature which determines the design and detail. These tools are perfect for small items of handmade joinery and for decorating our bespoke wooden lamps.

Gouges and V-Tools

Like a circular chisel, a gouge allows us to create curves and hollows. Ideal for bespoke joinery such as bowls and dishes, it’s an essential part of any woodturners’ kit. Similar to a gouge but with a V-shaped blade, a V-tool allows the user to carve lettering and specific shapes. Requiring a mallet to guide these as well, the gouges and V-tools are guided by the woodturner’s steady hand.

Rasps & Rifflers

Unusual names for standard tools. They are basically files, used for precision work and awkward-to-reach places. They come in a variety of sizes with each one suited to the particular job we’re working on and the type of timber in use.

Like any craftsmen, we also require strong vices to hold the timber while we carry out our work. And, of course, we always adhere to safety regulations and wear protective gear.

For further information about our bespoke joinery, and the products we design and create, please contact us to arrange an appointment. Old English Woods creates a variety of timber products for our Portsmouth clients, including:

Call 07949 549094 to find out more about our bespoke wooden lamps, wooden planters and other services in Portsmouth.

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