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Handmade Joinery in Portsmouth and the Surrounding Areas | Bespoke Items Made from Various Timbers

Creating something from scratch always gives us a sense of achievement. When we cook or bake with natural ingredients, avoiding convenient pre-made constituents and processed sauces, we savour the freshness and uniqueness of the meal or pastry we produce. No two creations will ever be the same and that’s what makes them special. The time and effort we put into our snacks, meals, cakes or pastries enhances their distinctiveness, and the satisfaction gained from creating such items is well deserved.

We feel the same about the handmade joinery products we create for our Portsmouth and Southampton clients at Old English Woods. Our products are all handcrafted, with time spent designing and forming each piece until they are passed over to our clients for approval. There are no time restraints on our efforts, we work with each piece of timber – carving, planing, sanding, and finishing – until we are satisfied our clients will be happy with the final result.

Working with a variety of timbers, our commissioned and popular items are always one of a kind, with the distinctive patterns of the wood marking each piece as truly special. We create a wide range of handmade joinery items for our clients in Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding areas, and are happy to craft bespoke pieces as well.

Please visit our website gallery to see some of our past creations, including bespoke wooden lamps and tables.

Timber Options

The selection of timbers we use in our Bedhampton workshop is as follows:


Strong and durable, ash is a light-coloured hardwood, popular for furniture due to its toughness

Black Walnut

A favourite at Old English Woods, this dark hardwood is extremely easy to work with and ages beautifully


Also called Brazilian Cherry, Jatoba is one of the strongest hardwoods available and mirrors teak in colour


This tropical hardwood has a smooth grain and its red-brown colour darkens over time to give an ageless look


Another wood we like to use at our workshop, oak is remarkably strong and hardwearing, ideal for kitchenalia


Known in tropical West Africa as Mozambique Wood, Ovangkol is extremely hardwearing and similar to rosewood

Panga Panga

Related to Wengé, and from East and Southeast Africa, Panga Panga is known for its distinctive swirls


Popular in Europe, this pale pink hardwood is used for carving, turned pieces, and musical instruments


From Central and South America, and named for its colour, this wood is used for inlays and speciality pieces


From West and Central Africa, Sapele is also called Scented Mahogany and ranges in colour from brown to yellow


Another wood favoured for inlays and speciality pieces, Satinwood produces a pale yellow to dark orange hue


This Central African wood can look almost black after treatment and is perfectly durable and strong

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A tip from Old English Woods - it’s pronounced WEN-gay.

If we don’t have a particular wood in stock, we will do our best to source it for our clients in Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding areas. As a bespoke joinery, creating unique handmade joinery pieces, it’s important to us that your commissioned work of craftmanship is created exactly as you want it.

To find out more about our handmade joinery services in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, please call 07949 549094.

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